5 Nursery Rhymes Guaranteed to Hype Your Baby

We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t then just know that we love you and we are going to let you tell that lie.

For those of us that have crossed into the land where sanity rules all, there comes a time in the day where you need your infant to not be on you, and your infant doesn’t want to be held either, that’s why he keeps pinching the crap out of you and pulling your hair. 5 months old, struggles to hold a bottle, can grab the tiniest bit of my hair from my ponytail while in motion and maintain that grip. Someone explain that one.

So you’re standing there, streaming device remote in hand. If you’re like me you’ve got a Roku, a Firestick, and a Chromecast because I don’t discriminate the things that get my children out of my face with their pleas for my phone. You don’t want to play something stupid, because you don’t want to make your kid stupid. That’s not possible but that’s beside the point. You need to rationalize this momma, and I’ve got you covered. Here is my list of five baby-trancing nursery rhymes, which by definition are deemed acceptable baby media.

Baby Hype Playlist

The majority of my picks are from LooLoo Kids which we originally found on Netflix, but have since found out LooLoo is a Romanian YouTube Channel and their channel has a lot more content than the 5 episodes Netflix gives us. My SO is going to be so STOKED. I put the link down there for you, it’s not an affiliate I don’t make money I just enjoy these kinds of finds and like to share.

Loo Loo Kids on YouTube

  1. Johnny, Johnny. Yes Papa?
    • Okay, this may not be the best first example for rationalization, but for my son it’s the only choice for numero uno. We watch on Netflix via LooLoo Kids. Plus, who doesn’t love a blatant lie?
  2. Old McDonald
    • Throwback: No matter what rendition of this song you play it will forever be the standard of entertainment I expect from nursery rhymes
  3. Baby Shark
    • I really tried not to do this one. I didn’t want it in my life. But that remix was FIRE. Enjoy this Parent Jam
  4. Three Little Kittens
    • They lost their mittens, and their mom is kind of mean about it. Then again, pandemic parenting would dictate that I told my girls I was not speaking to them for the rest of the day earlier. There are no more rules. LooLoo Again for this one.
  5. Sleeping Bunnies
    • This one is so good it wakes my sleeping bunny from his slumber just to hear it. He has to see the bunnies wake up and “hop, hop, hop.” You guessed right, my friends, LooLoo for the win here!

Your Turn! Lets hear your favorite nursery rhymes!